Motorised blinds and curtains – comfort, security, safety and privacy.

Motorised blinds

Maybe a little like dishwashers, motorised blinds and curtains might be one of those things that may not seem necessary, until you have one and can’t live without it.

Convenience is an obvious benefit – who wouldn’t love to regulate their environment with the touch of a button, not even having to move from your comfy spot on the couch? A few stolen moments of quiet time with a book or a good soapie are too rare to interrupt by getting up to close the blinds to reduce the glare on the TV screen.

Being able to quickly shield the room for increased privacy or to dim the level of sunlight is a handy convenience without having to lean behind furniture to find the cord or pull across every curtain.

Convenience isn’t always just a nice-to-have – sometimes it’s a smart choice to make simple daily tasks so much easier. For older people, or for heavy or hard to reach curtains and blinds, motorisation is a logical solution.

Motorised curtains and blinds have a practical aspect as well, particularly when it comes to regulating the indoor temperature. With the costs of running a home constantly on the rise, it makes sense to control light and temperature at the window, rather than relying on heating and cooling.

The movement of your curtains or blinds can be triggered by sensors that detect sunshine or temperature. At nightfall, curtains and blinds can close automatically to keep out the cold night air. During the summer months, automatically closing the curtains or blinds once the sun starts to beat down helps to minimise the sun’s heat in the home. Regulating the indoor environment with your window coverings helps to increase comfort and reduce the costs of heating and air conditioning – a plus for your home, your electricity bill, and the environment.

Being better able to control the level of sunlight in your home is also a valuable strategy for protecting your furniture and soft furnishings. Nothing ages fabrics faster than fading and damage from harsh sunlight. Motorisation can help protect your furnishings even when you’re not home, reacting to sunshine by automatically closing your curtains and blinds.

There are safety and security benefits to motorisation as well. No doubt many of us will leave a light or two on when we go away to create the illusion of the house being occupied. To a seasoned house burgular, it’s doubtful that this would be a convincing strategy to make it seem like someone is home. Motorised curtains and blinds can automatically open and close at sunrise and nightfall, which is much more likely to appear convincing – and it’s nice to come home to an open, sun-filled house – or a warm, cosy one during late night arrivals.

While it might sound daunting to implement, motorised blinds and curtains are easy to install and are just as viable for older homes as they are for new homes designed with motorisation in mind from the start. The control unit operates the electric motor mounted in a metal casing at the top of the blind. Once the blind has been fitted, the motor can’t be seen from the outside, making for a neat and tidy finish. The electric motor can either be powered by the mains or by a long-life battery, but either option is energy efficient.

While at first it might have seemed like an indulgence for a home with all the mod cons, motorisation can be a simple and clever solution for comfort, security, safety and privacy. And what’s not to love about a little extra convenience?

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